Ohmygosh, who has time to train for a race these days?

You’re juggling so many things right now. How can you add one more?



Your kids come first. You’re not sure how you could take time to do something that’s for you.



Maybe you can barely get a healthy meal on the table. How are you going to find time to train?



There are so many uncertainties right now. If you’re like most, you don’t know if you could set a big, hairy goal. What if something happens that sets you back or means you don’t complete it?



Perhaps you don’t feel motivated to do much extra right now because you’re overwhelmed. Or, you don’t know if you have what it would take.


Your world revolves around your family. With work and life you just don’t know if you can fit in anything else…


WHAT IF it’s  actually possible for you to reach that goal you’ve been dreaming of? 


Imagine the possibility

Client Corinne said, “I wanted to feel stronger and more confident and I got that with Carrie.
Workouts were well organized and aware of who I am, a mom.”

Are you ready to train like a #badathmother?

For 12 weeks, I will guide you to mastering your mindset, help you get clear on the what and the why of your goals, tackle time management, grow in strength and endurance, rejuvenate with adequate rest, get energized with nutrition and hydration, and learn how to deal with setbacks. This program is structured to be the best way for you to finally stop doubting yourself and step into your power.

Reach Your Personal Best

Your program will be tailored to meet your individual needs, but here are some of the things we’ll cover:

Warm Up 

• Creating a foundation of strength and tiny habits you start right away to set the stage for success


• My motivation method so you can stay inspired


• Avoiding 3 mistakes that most moms make that cause injuries and burnout




• Examine fears and limiting beliefs so you can move forward with confidence


• Start believing bigger for yourself and help others believe in you too

• Give yourself permission to try new things, fail and succeed 




• Drill down on your “why” 


• Get clear on how you’re going to reach your goals


• Co-create your individualized training plan 

Time Management

• Develop time-mastering habits


• Get your family on board 


• Overcome mom guilt for good



Strength & Flexibility

• Build the fundamentals of strength and flexibility to avoid injury

• Get a stretch, roll & pre-hab program specific to you and your sport


Find a manageable routine you can do anywhere, anytime



Nutrition & Hydration

• Dial in what best fuels your body 


• Practice eating well for everyday and optimal race performance


Feel energetic and in-control of what’s going into your body

Dealing with Setbacks 

• Build resilience that helps with setbacks


• Integrate mind, body and spirit to get stronger for overcoming life’s obstacles




• Become a sleep expert


• Learn to work smarter, not harder


• Complete a self-care toolkit




• Reflect on how you want to be remembered 


• Discover what you want your kids to learn from your example


• Be inspired by those who have gone before you and realize that you’re paving the way for others 

You’ll get access to…

Lifetime access to all of the course materials

10 x 45-minute video one-on-one video calls

So you can stay accountable and encouraged 

Goal setting & race planning worksheets
So you can plot progress and keep momentum 

Training logs & data reviewed weekly
So you can stay on course

Ongoing Sport-Specific Strength Training Program
So you can stay strong and injury-free

Bonus: Kickstart consultation 60-minutes 

So you can start off strong and get going in the right direction

Bonus: Customized training plan designed for your life, time allowances and goals! 

So you have a clear path to follow and modify as necessary



90-minute goal-setting intensive
Are you unsure about what goals to set?
Not confident in knowing if your goals are reasonable?
Let’s get focused and move you from uncertain to complete clarity.

60-minute time-management strategy session

Not sure how to fit in workouts to meet your fitness goals?

In this session we will help you get clear on priorities and nail down specific ways you can fit all the pieces of your life into one cohesive whole. 


ALSO offering custom 1:1 coaching for your specific endurance event.


Not sure which option to choose? Let’s schedule a discovery call so you can find out what’s best for you and your unique situation. 

Step out and step up; don’t wait until it’s too late. When we were younger we could live like we had all the time in the world. Now you know how limited time is.
How do you want to spend this one and precious life you’ve been given?

Don’t struggle on your own. Work with a guide who’s been there. It’s an investment in yourself that you won’t regret. 

My guarantee


You get 30 days to get started in my signature program, 90-days to Uplevel Your Athleticism Premium Coaching program and if you’re not happy with it, I’ll give your money back. 


I’m so sure you’re going to get the results you want, all I ask is that you send proof that you implemented the work in the program.


If you’re not sure you’re ready for this program, it might not be the right time to enroll. However, if you know you want to go after your goals this year, I know I can help you do that.

  • You don’t have time NOT to go after your goals. 

Do you want to look at your life and say, “Wow, I did epic sh*&!” We get one body, one life to live. Make the most of it. 


  • You don’t know what you’re capable of–until you try.

Don’t you tell your kids they can do whatever they put their minds to? Be a role model you can be proud of becoming. 


  • Motivation follows motion.


It’s hard to feel motivated when fear and uncertainty are blocking your way. Once you decide to do something, your action inspires further action. 

#Badathmothers face their fears and go after their dreams. Are you ready to live an adventurous life you love? 

Mandy, who finished a marathon under Carrie’s watch said, “Embrace her kindness. It’s not a fluke. If it’s a hardass you’re looking for she can give you that too.”

Imagine your life after coaching. 

Here are some of the types of moms who love this program: :

Whether your goal is to climb a mountain, run a 5k or ultramarathon, race a triathlon, an obstacle race, or to be fully present and make it through the day with enough energy to put your kids to bed, I can help.


Your adventure is out there. Let’s go get it! I have limited spots available. 


What if you could reach your goals by this time next year?